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After the pandemic hit New York City, classes went digital and so did the Fordham Studio Season.  Thus we've created the first ever Studio Fest, a virtual festival of student work.  

From November 30th thru December 5th, join us for 8 premieres of new student productions. 


Each production is completely student produced, directed, designed and acted.  We are also premiering 2 original plays.

So join us on this great adventure and see all the incredible work  being created in today's new reality.  

To Attend Studio Fest you MUST register.


Melanie Lisby, Executive Producer

Kiernan Westrick, Student Producer

Bryce Cutler, Website Design

Having trouble or have a question?  

Need help?  Running into problems?  Have questions?  Can't get into a panel?

We're here to help!  Shoot us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.  


Register for Studio Fest:

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