A Butterfly Dreams... examines storytelling and identity through the lessons of Chinese mythology. What shapes our identity? Our environment? Our sense of self? The stories we tell? 







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Abigail Lo

Manon McCollum

Trystan Edwards

Melissa Bautista

Kana Seiki

Caroline Pastilha

Written & Produced by: Kiernan Westrick

Directed by: Sofia Ubilla

Assistant Director: Michelina Smith

Dramaturgy by: Austin Yang

Production Stage Manager: Janae Beaver

Assistant Stage Manager: Taylor Samuelson & Scott Yezzi

Production Manager: Will Adams

Assistant Production Manager: Katie Curran

Scenic Designer: Claire Kramer

Lighting Designer: Vittoria Orlando

Assistant Lighting Designer: Lee Lillis

Costume Designer: Mars Neri

Assistant Costume Designer: Nini Tandon

Sound Designer: Amelia Way

Assistant Sound Designer: Julia Walker

Assistant Dramaturg & Production Assistant: Cora Therber & Eva Gelman



Writer & Producer

Kiernan Westrick

is senior playwright with a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. He has produced an original one act play, Intelligence, and an original musical, Up, Up & Away! in Fordham’s studio. Fordham Credits: Machinal (asst. stage manager), March On!/Conversations with Stars (asst. sound design), Dark Play or Stories for Boys (asst. sound design), Icarus’ Mother (asst. set design), Where Does the Light Go? (ensemble) Collaboratory: A Short Theatre Festival (producer), Cloud Tectonics (props design, smell design), Airline Highway (PRG, chorus), Madeline May Saves the World (sound design), Louisiana Garage Kings (dramaturg), Into Me See (guest artists), Fall Studio Fest (student producer). Kiernan also served as Fordham’s Mainstage box office manager and Mainstage house manager for two years. Thank you Sofia for your care, Janae for your grace, and the entire team of A Butterfly Dreams… for your dedication to the project.


Abigail Lo

is a sophomore double majoring in Theatre Performance and Humanitarian Studies. Select studio: The Moon & The Wolf (Wolf), Louisiana Garbage Kings (Magda/Dagny), Halo Halo (Choreographer), Small Mouth Sounds (Asst. Scenic Design). They would like to thank Kiernan and Sofia for not graduating until Abigail got to work with them, the SM team for making Zoom feel like home, Manon for validating their Covet Fashion addiction, the entire cast for being absolutely incredible at improv, and everyone on the team for bringing this play to life.


Trystan Edwards

is a Theatre Performance and African American Studies double major Other favorite roles include Another Black Man in We Are Proud...Between the Years 1884-1915, Trissotin Courfeyrac in B.R.E.A.D. and Trissotin in Learned Ladies. Trystan enjoys writing poetry, fashion, and taking in a british accent unprovoked. He plans to work with local non-profits to combat institutionalized inequalities in the near future. He would like to thank his family for trusting him, Kiernan for putting every inch of himself into this project, Sofia for leading us through this process, and the cast, designers, and stage managers for fostering an such an invigorating creative space.


Kana Seiki

is a freshman performance major. She is super grateful to be part of this production. Credits include: Mainstage: Water By the Spoonful (Orangutan). Studio: The Wallpaper Project (Actor), B.R.E.A.D. (Joly), Halo Halo (Video Editor). Other: Hear. Eye. Stand. (Kyoko), Freak (Angry Poet Girl) at Round House Theatre. The Little Mermaid (Choreographer) at BCC HS. A huge thank you to Kiernan, Sofia, Janae, all the cast and crew involved in the show for their incredible creativeness and kindness:) Much love.

Assistant Director

Michelina Smith

is a freshman Theatre Directing major and is so proud to be a part of this production! Upcoming studio show: Halo Halo (Jennifer). Previous credits: Valor, Agravio, y Mujer (AD), SONDER: A Cabaret Story (Playwright, Director), Freaky Friday (Katherine Blake, Choreographer), and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Hermia). Special thanks to Sofia for taking her under her wing once again, Kiernan for his creative vision, and the entire production team/cast for their devotion and talent! Sending socially-distanced hugs to you all!

Production Manager

Will Adams

Fordham Studio: Enterprise (Production Manager), B.R.E.A.D.  (Production Manager), Nineveh  (Production Manager), Madeline May Saves the World (Production Manager), Cloud Tectonics  (Production Manager).  

Set Designer

Claire Kramer

Mainstage: Water By the Spoonful (Co-Set Designer), Uncle Vanya (Asst. Video Designer). Studio: El Desvario (Asst. Set Designer), God of Carnage (Asst. Props Designer), Up Up and Away (Scenic Painter), Anne of the Thousand Days (Assoc. Set Designer), Cloud Tectonics (Asst. Set Designer), Small Mouth Sounds (Props Designer), We are Proud... (Production Designer/Animation). Thanks so much to Janae.

Assistant Stage Manager

Scott Yezzi

Scott is currently a freshman stage management concentration. Previous productions include: Nineveh (ASM/Assistant Producer), All the Answers (PSM), Newsies (Romeo/Dance Captain), The Murder at Ramsbottom Manor (PSM), 1776 (ASM), Spamalot (Fred/Dance Captain). He’d like to give a huge thank you to Janae and Taylor for being an amazing SM team to work with!

Sound Designer

Amelia Way

Senior Sound Designer and interdisciplinary artist. Sound Design: Everybody, Water by the Spoonful, Valor, Agravio y Mujer, Into me see, Louisiana Gargbage Kings, The Wallpaper Project, The Most Massive Woman Wins, Up, Up & Away, Dark Play or Stories for Boys, Conversations with Stars/March On!, Dark Play or Stories for Boys (Edinburgh Fringe Festival). Set Design: Cloud Tectonics, Enterprise. Other: Grease (Sandy). @ameliawaydesign |

Costume Designer

Mars Neri


Assistant Sound Designer

Julia Walker

Mainstage: Water by the Spoonful (OBS Operator) Studio: Halo Halo (Set/Production Designer), The Nether (ASM and Co-Costume Designer), Valor, Agravio y Mujer (ASM), Into Me See (ASM and Costume Designer), Enterprise (Costume Designer) Other: MC Live (producer, director), Ladies of the Jury (SM and Set Designer), Cinderella (SM), David and Lisa (ASM and Set Designer), Superman (ASM and Props Designer). Thank you so much to everyone on this project, and letting me be a part of something so wonderful. Mellie, thank you so much for letting me be your assistant, I have learned so much from you.

Assistant Dramturg &

Production Assistant

Eva Gelman



Sofia Ubilla

This is Sofía’s third and, sadly, final show at Fordham! She is a senior Directing Major and Spanish Studies Double Major. Fordham Studio: Valor, agravio y mujer (Director), Cloud Tectonics (Director), Dark Play, or Stories for Boys (AD), Intelligence (AD), La Metamorfosis (ACD), Machinal (ASD), Gruesome Playground Injuries (AD). Fordham Mainstage: To The Bone (AD), Antigonick (AD). Off Broadway: Spanking Machine (Associate Director) at Dixon Place, Julio Down by the Schoolyard (Sound Design) at INTAR Theatre. She is eternally grateful to Kiernan, for trusting her with this story, and the entire company, for being present and giving their whole selves to crafting this work. She is in constant awe of every single person on this team and could not have asked for a better send off into the world. All of my love to all of you <3


Manon McCollum

is a freshman majoring in Theatre Directing and hoping to minor in Visual Art. Studio: The B.R.E.A.D. Series (Designer/Sound Editor), We Are Proud to Present (AD). He would like to thank Taylor for reminding him to come to rehearsal and being an incredible friend, Sophia and Kiernan for believing in him as an actor, Abigail for being a great person to not fall in love with, and the rest of the cast for their boundless creativity. You heard it here first: trans is cool! 


Melissa Bautista



Caroline Pastilha

is a freshman Theatre Performance major. She would like to thank Kiernan, Sofia, and the entire cast and crew for being the most wonderful people to put on a show with!


Austin Yang


Assistant Production Manager

Katie Curran

Mainstage: Water By The Spoonful (Asst. Stage Manager), Men on Boats (Asst. Sound Designer). Studio: Virginia/Poe (Production Stage Manager), Enterprise (Production Stage Manager), Cloud Tectonics (Stage Manager), God of Carnage (Asst. Stage Manager). Regional: Refugee at Merrimack Repertory Theatre Workshop (Assistant Stage Manager). Other: Ashley Everhart: Only Time at the Tank (Production Assistant), The Music Man at Middlesex Community College (Production Stage Manager). As always, much love to Janae.

Lighting Designer

Vittoria Orlando

Mainstage: Water by the Spoonful (LD), Twelfth Night (Assc. LD), Orlando (ALD), Antigonick (ALD), Mr. Burns (ME) Select Studio: Valor, Agravio, y Mujer (LD)The Most Massive Woman Wins (LD), Electricity (LD), Delirium (LD), Dark Play or Stories for Boys (LD, Fordham and Edinburgh Fringe Festival), Eurydice (LD) Off-Broadway: A Strange Loop (Lighting Intern) at Playwrights Horizons, The Way She Spoke (Projections Intern) at Minetta Lane Theater. Other: In the Same Space (PD) at Dixon Place.

Assistant Stage Manager

Taylor Samuelson

is a freshman Design and Production major at Fordham University at Lincoln Center, concentrating in Stage Management. Before Fordham, she was a stage manager, choreographer, student director, and designer on multiple productions at her high school, such as Noises Off!, Blithe Spirit, Anything Goes, and much more. Taylor was fortunate enough to be an ASM on B.R.E.A.D and Louisiana Garbage Kings last semester and is extremely grateful for the opportunity to assist Janae Beaver once again! She would like to thank everyone who worked on this project and her amazing team, Janae and Scott. (Instagram: @taylor.rose33)

Assistant Lighting Designer

Lee Lillis

is a freshman theatre design major concentrating in lighting design. Mainstage: Uncle Vanya (Dramaturg). Studio: Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom (Lighting Designer), The Nether (Assistant Dir. of Photography), Valor, Agravio, y Mujer (Costume Designer), Louisiana Garbage Kings (ARG researcher).

Assistant Costume Designer

Nini Tandon


Assistant Dramturg &

Production Assistant

Cora Therber