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Four businesspeople — Landry, Owens, Sanders, and Weaver — arrive in the morning at their skyscraper office and soon learn that their company is on the brink of collapse. At first upset and panicked at the news, they decide that this can instead be a chance to finally prove themselves — they'll come up with a proposal, a new business plan that will impress the company chairman and save both the business and their careers. What follows is an antic all-day, all-night effort, as the four race to complete the proposal by the next morning. At first they all work together. But after that effort collapses amid acrimony and finger-pointing, they break into two competing teams, each trying to outdo the other and win the chairman's final approval as they work feverishly all through the night. ENTERPRISE is fast-paced, edgy, semi-surreal comedy about business, ambition, skyscrapers, and office bathrooms.





Landry - Eliza Pagel

Owens - Siddharth Raj

Weaver - Samantha Bohrer

Sanders - Christian Caro

Written By: Brian Parks

Directed by: Leo Lion

Scenic Designer: Amelia Way

Costume Designer: Julia Walker

Director of Cinematography: Vittoria Orlando

Sound Designer: Jason Keese

Dramaturgy: Haley Crawford

Stage Manager: Kathleen Curran

Assistant Director: JuJu Jaworski

Assistant Stage Manager: Aurora Winger, Skyler Purvis

Assistant Director of Cinematography: Amara McNeil, Nick Swensen

Editor: Solly Margo



Eliza Pagel Headshot.jpeg

Eliza Pagel


is a sophomore actor and musician from Greenville, SC where she studied at the SC Governor’s School for the Arts. She’d like everyone to know that she once drew a Renoir-esque ‘Portrait of a Young Girl’ using nail polish, and it remains her crowning achievement. Fordham Studio: Electricity (Lucy). Fordham but Not Studio: Into the Woods (Witch), Low Stakes (Mia). Not Fordham and also Not Studio: The Seagull (Nina), Richard III (Elizabeth), Twelfth Night (Feste), Macbeth (Lennox/Lady Macduff), Julius Caesar (Cassius). “Thanks, thanks, and ever thanks” to brain, mom, Jayce Tromsness, and the whole wacky Enterprise team. 

Screen Shot 2020-11-18 at 10.21.37

Samantha Bohrer


is a Sophomore performance major and is so excited to present Enterprise! Outside of acting, Samantha has been a dancer for 15 years and is a prospective Sports Journalism minor (or regular journalism…it is all very to be determined)! Previous credits include: Airline Highway (ensemble), Flowers for Algernon (Alice), House and Garden (Sally Platt), Parade: In Concert (ensemble), Steel Magnolias (M’Lynn Eatenton) and more. She is incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a lovely cast and crew. She sends much love to her family and friends and hopes you enjoy the first installment of Enterprise! 

Leo Lion Headshot.JPG

Leo Lion


Mainstage: Twelfth Night (Assistant Director) Studio: Electricty (Sound Designer), Delerium (Father Zosima), Erotophobia (Assistant Director). New York Directing Selected: The Death of Ivan Ilyich with Phoenix Theatre Ensemble, Our Town, Romeo + Juliet, Treasure Island with The Firebird Project. Leo is the Founder & Artistic Director of The Firebird Project and Associate Artistic Director at Phoenix Theatre Ensemble. Many thanks to this unstoppable company of adaptors and innovators, to Katie, to Elizabeth, and to Fordham Theatre for being an artistic home through the highs and lows.

Will Adams Headshot.jpg

William Adams

Production Manager

is a junior at Fordham. He intends to pursue a career as a technical director or production manager. He would like to thank his friends and fellow studio production managers. His credits in the Fordham Studio include Madeline May Saves the World (Production Manager), Cloud Tectonics (Production Manager), Anne of the Thousand Days (Production Manager), The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged (Production Manager). 

Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 7.47.19 PM.png

Skyler Purvis

Asst. Stage Manager

is a freshman stage manager who was grateful for the opportunity to stage manage her first college show. Studio credits include Louisiana Garbage Kings (ARG). Much gratitude to Katie and Aurora for letting her hop on in the middle of the process, and the rest of the cast and crew. 

Vittoria Orlando Headshot.JPG

Vittoria Orlando

Director of Cinematography

is a senior on the design and production track. Mainstage: Twelfth Night (Assc. LD), Orlando (ALD), Antigonick (ALD), Mr. Burns (ME) Select Studio: Valor, Agravio, y Mujer (LD)The Most Massive Woman Wins (LD), Electricity (LD), Delirium (LD), Where Does The Light Go (PD), Dark Play or Stories for Boys (LD), Eurydice (LD) Off-Broadway: A Strange Loop (Lighting Intern) at Playwrights Horizons, The Way She Spoke (Projections Intern) at Minetta Lane Theater. Other: Dark Play or Stories for Boys (LD) at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, In the Same Space (PD) at Dixon Place.   

Amara McNeil Headshot.JPG

Amara Payton McNeil

Asst. Director of Cinematography

 is a sophomore lighting designer in the Fordham Theater Design and Production program. She is an American Theater Wing University Scholarship and LDI Diversity in Design Scholarship recipient. Credits include Fordham: Into Me See(Asst. Lighting Designer), My Papier Mache Monster (LD), COINCOIN (LD), Up Up and Away (ME), Anne of The Thousand Days (ALD); Regional: Pippin  (Lighting Design), A Christmas Carol (LD).

Peter Chan Headshot.jpeg

Peter Chan

Asst. Editor

is a first-year student on the Design and Production track.  Mainstage: “Water by the Spoonful” (Run Crew) Studio Season: “We Are Proud” (ASM), “Enterprise” (Assistant Editor), “Untitled”(Props), “Neighborhood 3” (Designer). Regional: San Francisco Playhouse Theatre Company (Production Management Intern).  In his free time, Peter enjoys thrifting, photography, and baking (if they taste good is a different question). Shoutout to the cast + crew and family for always giving their continuous support <3.

Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 7.47.19 PM.png

Helen Hylton

Asst. Set Designer

is a sophomore studying Visual Arts. Fordham Studio: Anne of the Thousand Days (Set Design), Most Massive Woman Wins (Assistant Set), Cloud Tectonics (Assistant Set).

Jason Kesse Headshot.JPG

Jason Kesse

Sound Designer

is a queer, Black theatre director, playwright, filmmaker, and photographer working between New York City and Chicago. He’s currently pursuing a BA in Directing & Film and Television at Fordham University. Notable credits include Houston, We Have a Problem (The Tank, Assistant Director/Assistant Stage Manager), Up, Up, and Away: A Musical (Fordham University, Assistant Director), Coincoin: Queen of Louisiana (Fordham University, Assistant Director/Production Stage Manager), El desvario (Fordham University, Assistant Stage Manager).

Giordana Simurdiak Headshot.jpg

Giordana Simurdiak

Asst. Costume Designer

Mainstage: Uncle Vanya (run crew) Other: MC Live (producer, director), Cinderella (Ella, transformation dress designer). Thank you to the cast and crew for being so welcoming on my first studio show! It was a blast!

Will Rossiter Headshot.jpg

Will Rossiter

Props Designer

Will is a sophomore lighting designer at Fordham.  Fordham Studio: Up, Up, & Away (ALD), Anne of the Thousand Days (ALD), The Moon and The Wolf (Assoc. LD), and Madeline May Saves the World (LD).  Fordham Mainstage and outside work: Airline Highway (Light Board Op.), Only Time at The Tank (ALD).  Thanks to everyone who helped with this process. 

Haley Crawford Headshot.jpg

Haley Crawford


Mainstage: Men On Boats (Sound board operator), Studio: We Are Proud, (Assistant to the production designer), Other: The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui (Set Designer and Stage Manager) at Unionville High School 

Siddharth Raj Headshot.jpg

Siddharth Raj


makes his Fordham Theatre debut in ENTERPRISE. He was previously seen as Professor Snow-It-All in his 3rd grade class production, Snow Biz, a play about the water cycle. Many thanks to the cast, crew, and Brown Matthew Kids 3. Follow him on Instagram @thesquidraj

Christian Caro Headshot.jpg

Christian Caro


makes his Fordham theatre debut in ENTERPRISE. He was previously seen as Mr. El Niño it all in his 8th grade devised production, Blow Time, a play about Air pressure. The show was inspired by a dvd recording of Snow Biz as performed at Stratford Elementary School in December 2007. Many thanks to the cast, crew, and Brown Matthew Kids 3. Follow him on Instagram @thesquidraj

Juju Jaworski Headshot.JPG

Julianna “JuJu” Jaworski

Assistant Director

Studio: Enterprise (Assistant Director), The Wallpaper Project (Production Assistant). So grateful for the Fordham Theatre family. Many thanks to the incredible cast, crew, and creative team!

Katie Curran Headshot.jpeg

Kathleen Curran

Production Stage Manager

is overwhelmed by the talent on this team. There are no words to describe how incredible her first virtual process has been. Previous credits include. Mainstage: Men on Boats (Asst. Sound). Studio: God of Carnage (Asst. Stage Manager), The Most Massive Woman Wins (Asst. Sound Designer).  Regional: Refugee at Merrimack Repertory Theatre Workshop (Asst. Stage Manager). Other: Ashley Everhart: Only Time at the Tank (Production Assistant. Many thanks to the cast and crew, especially Aurora and Skyler. And much love to Janae as always.

Aurora Winger Headshot.png

Aurora J Winger

Stage Manager

(she/her) is beyond happy to make her debut at Fordham University as the Stage Manager for Enterprise. Other Studio Show works include Into Me See (set designer) andLouisiana Garbage King (ARG Creative Team). Previous work includes Honk Jr (Director & Choreographer), A Year With Frog and Toad (Touring Production Stage Manager & Set Designer) and Hint! A Masked Murder Mystery (Production Stage Manager). 

Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 7.47.19 PM.png

Nick Swensen

Asst. Director of Cinematography

performance major, has been trying his hand at assisting in designer roles while at Fordham, and is excited that he was able to help out with video on Enterprise. Many thanks to everyone involved, especially Tori. It was a great experience to work with you all, and thank you for including me as part of the team. Nick’s tech experience includes working as an assistant for costumes, lighting, and set on multiple Fordham shows, and his recent performance credits include Daryl in To the Bone and Sebastian in Electricity. Hope you all enjoy the show!

Solly Margo Headshot.jpg

Solomon Margo


is delighted to be editing this fine show!! Tangentially, you can see a picture of my latest headshot! This one didn’t go so well.

Amelia Way Headshot.jpg

Amelia Way

Set Designer

Senior Sound Designer and interdisciplinary artist. Sound Design: Valor, Agravio y Mujer, Into me see, Louisiana Gargbage Kings, The Wallpaper Project, The Most Massive Woman Wins, Up, Up & Away, Dark Play or Stories for Boys, Conversations with Stars/March On!, Dark Play or Stories for Boys (Edinburgh Fringe Festival). Set Design: Cloud Tectonics. Other: Grease(Sandy). @ameliawaydesign

Dylan Montellano Headshot .jpeg

Dylan Montellano

Asst. Set Designer

is a freshman design and production major with a concentration in stage management. He is so happy to have been able to work on this awesome show! Fordham Mainstage: Men On Boats (OBS Operator); Fordham Studio: Into Me See (ASM), We Are Proud... (OBS Coordinator), Enterprise (Assistant Set Design).

Julia Walker Headshot.JPG

Julie Walker

Costume Designer

Studio: Valor, Agravio y Mujer (ASM), Into Me See (ASM and Costume Designer), Louisiana Garbage Kings (ARG Creator) Other: MC Live (producer, director), Ladies of the Jury (SM and Set Designer), Cinderella (SM), David and Lisa (ASM and Set Designer), Superman (ASM and Props Designer). Thank you to this incredible cast and crew for being so amazing and so much fun to work with! 

Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 7.47.19 PM.png

Claire Hay

Costume Mentor

Mainstage: Twelfth Night (Wardrobe Crew). Studio: Electricity (costume assistant), The Moon and The Wolf (costume assistant), Cloud Tectonics (costume assistant).

Laurel Mora

Asst. Props Designer

Dallas: Nuestro Sangre, Nuestro Cielo (Co-Playwright), The Drowned (Playwright), Nuestra Voz (Playwright), Love, Labors, Lost (Head of Makeup), A Chorus Line (Makeup Crew), Blood Loyalties (Playwright) at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. Crossing the Line (Ensemble) at Kitchen Dog Theatre. This is her first show with Fordham Theatre. Many thanks to the cast and crew.