A piece about escapism, connection, and loss set in the world of an online horror video game.

Set Design



Grant Sower

David Wilson

Nick Swensen

Victoria Fanning

Samantha Bohrer

Directed & Produced by:  Pedro González

Cinematography by: Orlando Grant

Assistant Director: Cason Doyle

Dramaturgy by: Gillian Russo

Production Stage Manager: Raekwon Fuller

Assistant Stage Manager: Dylan Montellano

Production Manager: Max Breit

Scenic Designer: Haley Crawford

Assistant Scenic Designer: Taylor Samuelson

Lighting Designer: Sarah Zwart and Lee Lillis

Costume Designer: Isabella González

Sound Designer: Micah Waid

Assistant Production Manager: Janae Beaver

Props Manager: Peter Chan




Pedro González

is a Junior Performance major who has developed a moderate to severe caffeine addiction. Mainstage: Water by the Spoonful (Elliot), Uncle Vanya (AD/Vanya), To The Bone (Lalo), Twelfth Night (Fabian). Studio: My Papier Mâché Monster (Vocal Trinity), Cloud Tectonics (Anibal), Delirium (Smerdyakov), The Dybbuk (Man). Other: Raggedy And (Jayden), Cabaret (Ernst). Many thanks to Cason, Raekwon, Dylan, the amazing actors, and the crew who made his brain explode in every production meeting.

Assistant Stage Manager

Dylan Montellano

is a freshman design and production major with a concentration in stage management. He is so excited to be working on this amazing show! Thank you to Pedro, Raekwon, and Janae for this awesome experience! Fordham Mainstage: Men On Boats (OBS Operator); Fordham Studio: Into Me See (ASM), We Are Proud... 


Orlando Grant

s very happy when he gets to run around with a camera. Mainstage: Uncle Vanya (Astrov), Twelfth Night (Orsino). Studio: The Nether (Director), Eurydice (Orpheus), Erotophobia (Priest), Icarus’s Mother (Bill). Regional & Other: Macbeth (Malcolm), Sweeney Todd (Sweeney Todd), Hamlet (Hamlet), Cabaret (Emcee). Orlando would like to thank the team, the cast and Pedro for bringing him along! IG: @landograntww

Set Designer

Haley Crawford

Mainstage: Men on Boats (Sound board operator); Studio: The Nether (Associate Set Designer), We Are Proud (Assistant Designer), Enterprise: (Dramaturg); Other: Into The Woods (PSM/Set designer), The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui (PSM/Set Designer). Enjoy the show!

Costume Designer

Isabella Gonzalez

is currently a sophomore on the Playwriting Track. Studio credits include The Science Project (Contributor) and Nineveh (Dramaturg). Mainstage: Men on Boats (Crew, Voiceover). Outside of Fordham, she's also a part of the Labyrinth Theater Company's 2020 Intensive Ensemble and is a student writer for BroadwayWorld. She is so grateful for the opportunity to bring this virtual reality to life with these incredible creatives and can't wait to do more Fordham Theatre in the future!


Nick Swensen

is a performance major and a Dungeon Master for Dungeons and Dragons. He has joined many different ensembles in a variety of roles over the years, including Gomez Addams in The Addams Family and Krojack in Don’t Drink the Water while he was in highschool, as well as Sebastian in Electricity and Daryl in To the Bone while at Fordham. He is very excited to be part of yet another group as the role of Walkthrough. Many thanks to Pedro, Nick’s director and Fordham Mentor, the cast, crew, and to the boys of 4B for their support and encouragement.


Samantha Bohrer

Samantha is a Sophomore Performance major with a Journalism (maybe sports journalism? Who knows) minor and she is so thrilled to be working on “Neighborhood 3”! Previous Fordham credits include: Airline Highway (Nurse/Ensemble), Enterprise (Weaver). Other credits include: Cabaret (Rosie), Flowers for Algernon (Alice), House and Garden (Sally Platt). She would like to thank Pedro, Cason, Raekwon, and every other member of the cast and production team for being the kindest, most thoughtful, and most caring group she could have asked for. Lots of love to all!! 

Lighting Designer

Lee Lillis

is a freshman theatre design and production major concentrating in lighting design. Mainstage: Uncle Vanya (Dramaturg). Studio: Kiernan’s Untitled Project (Assistant Lighting Designer), The Nether (Assistant Director of Photography), Valor, Agravio, y Mujer (Costume Designer), Louisiana Garbage Kings (ARG researcher). Shout out to Sarah for being the best co-designer ever (and also for being the love of my life).

Assistant Director

Cason Doyle

Mainstage: Water by the Spoonful (John/Fountainhead), Uncle Vanya (Serebryakov) Airline Highway (Ensemble) Studio: The Moon and Wolf (The Sun), Electricity (Michael) and Eurydice (Loud Stone) Other: Let the Right One In (Johnny) at Austin Actors Studio and The Diviners (Buddy) at Austin Actors Studio. I'm proud of Pedro for being more anabolic than last time and a great director. Shoutout to the family back in Austin!


Gillian Russo

is a senior journalism major and theatre minor who is making not only her dramaturgy debut, but her Fordham Theatre debut, with Neighborhood 3. Better late than never! Many thanks to Elizabeth Margid for providing this opportunity; Sarah Wansley, Bryce Cutler, Shaun Suchan and everyone in DPW and Production Lab; and the incredible cast and crew that made it such a joy to work on this show.

Production Stage Manager

Raekwon Fuller

is a Sophomore at Fordham University on the acting track! This will be his first time stage managing a production and he is super excited! 


Grant Sower

is a sophomore in the Fordham Theatre program on the performance track and is very excited to be playing Son in this unprecedented production of Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom. Past credits include Norris in last year's Fordham Studio production of Anne of the Thousand Days and Ludovico in Valor Agravio y Mujer as well as a bunch of other stuff he knows you wouldn't really care about. He would like to thank the entire cast and crew for all of their care and support as well as Pedro González for directing this show as well as being cool in general. He thanks you for logging on to see the show and hopes you enjoy yourself!


Victoria Fanning

is currently a Junior Performance major. Mainstage: Men On Boats (Goodman), Airline Highway (Miss Ruby), The Wolves(#46) Studios: Louisiana Garbage Kings (Sarge), The Wallpaper Project (actor), March On! (Josie), Where Does The Light Go? (ASM/Assistant Producer); Other: Sekhmet Sisterhood Cabaret (The Green Room 42). A huge thank you to Pedro, Cason, and the entire creative team! Love, Mom <3 

Lighting Designer

Sarah Zwart

is a freshman Design and Production major at FCLC concentrating in Lighting Design. Mainstage: Men on Boats (OBS Assistant). Studio: Nineveh (Production Assistant), Neighborhood 3 (Lighting Designer), We Are Proud (ASM). Community: Pippin (Lighting Designer), Matilda (Lighting Designer), The Matchmaker (SM). Shoutout to Lee for being the best co-lighting designer. Also, much love to my fans.

Props Manager

Peter Chan

is a first-year on the Design and Production track.  Mainstage: “Water by the Spoonful” (Sound Board Operator)  Studio Season: “We Are Proud” (ASM), “Enterprise” (Assistant Editor), “Untitled” (Props), “Neighborhood 3” (Designer). Regional: San Francisco Playhouse Theatre Company (Production Management Intern), Truffle Shuffle Media Company (Production Assistant).  In his free time, Peter enjoys thrifting, photography, and baking (if they taste good is a different question). Shoutout to the cast + crew and family for always giving their continuous support <3.

Assistant Set Designer

Taylor Samuelson

is a freshman Design and Production major at Fordham University at Lincoln Center, concentrating in Stage Management. Before Fordham, she was a stage manager, choreographer, student director, and designer on multiple productions at her high school, such as Noises Off!, Blithe Spirit, Anything Goes, and much more. Taylor is extremely grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow in such an amazing theatre program and would like to thank Pedro Gonzalez, Cason Doyle, and especially Haley Crawford who encourage her to explore as an artist. (Instagram: @taylor.rose33)


David Wilson

is a senior theatre performance major. Mainstage: Water by the Spoonful (Chutes & Ladders), Airline Highway (Terry), Twelfth Night (Sebastian), Mr. Burns (Sam) Studio: We Are Proud to Present... (Actor 2), Valor, Agravio, Y Mujer (Fernando), Erotophobia (Deacon), Conversations With Stars (Man), La Metamorfosis (Chief/Boarder), The Charlatans: A New Musical (Enoch Ford). Many thanks to the cast and crew!